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The team at STERLING has put together a brand new range of oil/water separators designed in-house and incorporating all the major benefits our customers have been asking for….


CS75 is our smallest (75cfm) separator. It has a simple cartridge service kit meaning you don’t have to throw it all away each time. And that means servicing is less expensive. You can wall-mount it, or floor-mount it. Installed right it won’t overflow and can’t leak.

It has a built-in ‘time-in-service’ indicator, push-in fittings,  servicing requires no tools – and it has the capacity for ANY current 11kW air compressor.

SEE the CS75 product features video  

STERLING CSR150 (shown) 450 & 1000

CSR150, CSR450 & CSR1000 are STERLING‘s medium range separators.  They have no moving parts, no floats or weirs, and no plastic threads.

The range is engineered to offer stability of installation, proper sample points situated part-way through the filtration process, a test jar holder and ‘time-in-service’ indicator. CSR1000 has a multi-part filter kit for safe and easy servicing

Like all STERLING separators, the CSR family is designed to meet all current legislation for condensate discharge 

CS100IBC and CS200IBC offer large capacity separation in a single unit, avoiding the potentially inefficient and expensive use of several smaller units. Rated at either 100 or 200 m3/min (3500 or 7000 cfm), this is THE cost effective solution for large projects.


Further information on all products is available via the download page.

3rd-party service kits

The same PP multi-blend we use in the big separators can also be found in our extensive range of service kits to fit most popular brands and models of oil/water separator.  Extensively tested in the real world, STERLING 3rd party service kits have a great deal to offer.

You can download a copy of our current price list to see the full range of product including oil/water separators, condensate drains, air filters and accessories.

Please contact STERLING directly for advice on re-seller discounts

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Please contact STERLING directly for advice on re-seller discounts

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