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STERLING introduces ‘Active Filter’ option to its CSR separators

Active filters are designed to combat the occasional condensate that’s difficult to separate or may even be emulsified. The kits can be retro-fitted to standard CSR150/450/1000 separators at a modest premium. See  page 3 of the price list.

July 2017 – STERLING adds compatible

kits to fit OWAMAT 10 & 11

See page six of the price list for details

CS75 continues to excel

The amazing CS75 has exceeded our expectations since we launched it late last year. We’ve now shipped 1000 units and at the time of writing we have NO reported performance problems in real world installations.

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Also making a hit – CSR150, 450, 1000

Beautifully crafted to be the centre piece of any condensate management system up to 2000cfm the CSR range is unique

We’ve given it a stable base, brass threaded inserts, a sample jar holder, proper sample points, a well integrated ‘time-in-service’ module, and our lightweight multi-blend filters to make it the very best choice there is……

 …and it’s from the team at STERLING

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